USEFILE.F EBNF 4.0 Text File Access Manager Module

USEFILE.f manages access to a read-only sequential text file
having one cr/lf terminated text line per file record.

Functions provided include:

Note that your program is responsible for the management of the
Line number.

USEFILE.f will perform the conversion of Line# to the correct
file position and file position to line#.

Text lines are limited to a length of 128 characters including
the cr/lf terminator and must not have any other imbedded
control characters.

Set your text editor to use spaces in place of tabs.

The maximum number of text lines in your file must not exceed
50,000 or it will be truncated.

That's about 600 pages of text! But only one UseFile can be open at a time!

Usefile needs module Var11.

File I/O Parms